We had a big sports and family weekend. So some quick notes are in order.

Friday L had a big kickball game. This was against the only team to beat them this season, a game we lost by three runs after giving up 12 runs in the first inning. Things were a little different this time. We held them to six in the first and then scored 11 in our first kicks. It was close for a couple innings but our girls played the best they’ve ever played and run-ruled them in five innings.

L went all George Brett in Game 3 of the 1985 ALCS on them. Three home runes – two grand slams and a three-run shot – a three-run double, and she missed a fourth grand slam by about a foot when an outfielder made a running grab that she bobbled twice before pulling it in. It was a seriously great catch. I even cheered for her. But, holy shit did L play well! For that matter her whole team did. They are fortunate to have about five really good kickers, and the coach has them sprinkled through the lineup so that every 3–4 kickers here comes another big leg. Every one of those girls was kicking the crap out of the ball Friday.

Now we get to play that team again this Thursday in a tie-breaker game to see who goes to City. That didn’t work out well for this group a year ago. Hopefully they saved some kicks for that game.

Saturday we went to a wedding for S’s cousin. It was a cool, dreary day, which kind of sucked. Fortunately it stopped raining just before we headed out to the ceremony. It was a very nice ceremony. We all commented it was one of the best, and funniest, homilies we’ve ever heard at a wedding. The reception was also nice, although we were lame and cut out pretty early.

A good friend of mine just informed me of her wedding date next March. When I told her how sad it was that I can’t drink very much these days and was fine leaving the reception early, she responded that I had a year to get that shit figured out. She’s right.

Sunday was a beautiful day here. Right at 70, bright sun, light breeze, no humidity. Just perfect.

C had a track meet. She got placed in the A heat of the 400 and finished third again. But she cut four seconds off her time and was five seconds behind the first and second place runners, who are two of the fastest girls in the state, girls who fought for every cross country win last fall. She was a little bummed and I told her that her time would have won the 7th/8th grade race and she perked up a little.

She struggled in the 800 – she said she used up most of her energy in the 400 – and took fifth, but did track down two girls on the final stretch. The same two girls who were at the front of the 400 took 1st and 2nd again.

For her relay, she and another 6th grade got bumped up to the 7th/8th grade race because our best 8th grader was at the meet. C ran the opening leg and had us in first, our second leg dropped us to third, then our 8th grader put us in first. But our 7th grader, who won her 800 with a blistering finish, ran out of gas and got caught in the last 50 and we took second. C thought it was cool to run with two older girls.

Next weekend is the qualifying meet for the City championships. As long as she runs well, C should probably qualify for the 400. I believe 18 qualify – 16 finalists plus two alternates – and since she’s been in the top three with great times at her two meets she should be good. You just never know how many kids from schools we’ve not run against are in her same range and could nudge her out.

The 800 is in her head. I think she is capable of running a good enough time to reach that final. But she told me last night she hates it and doesn’t want to run it next year, so it may be too much for her.

As long as we have our kick-ass fifth grader, who is juggling like 13 sports right now, and they pass the baton safely, they should get through in the relays.

L also had her final soccer game of the year Sunday. I missed it while still at track but it was another tough loss and they finished the year 3–3–1. I had been against her playing CYO soccer. I’ve heard stories from other parents of better players that it can be tough. I think that was her experience, too. Last night she said she didn’t like it. I believe some of that attitude comes from having three bad losses in their last four games. I think she was also bothered by how her team was all either really solid players or really weak players. There were literally not kids in the middle talent level, and the weaker kids really pulled them down. She is ready to return to age-group soccer next fall.