“November Has Come” – Gorrilaz. Hey, look, it’s November 1!

“Your Book” – Say Sue Me. Might this be the first time I’ve featured a band from South Korea in these posts? These kids have zero K-Pop to them; this sounds straight out of the early ‘00s indie era.

“Downtown Lights” – Frankie Lee. Lee grew up in Stillwater, MN. In the mid–90s actress Jessica Lange moved there with her husband Sam Shepard. This song is inspired by a dream Lee had about he and Lange walking through current-day Stillwater and lamenting how “yuppies” and tourists had taken the once sleepy town over.

“Iridescent” – Hundredth. I don’t know much about this band’s past work. Apparently they were once a hardcore act but have morphed their sound in a pretty unlikely direction. This is light, shimmery and full of mid–80s goodness and couldn’t be more opposite from hardcore.

“Silver” – DMA’s. These Aussies continue to ape Oasis’ sound. And they continue to make completely freaking great music while following the Oasis template.