I didn’t work on a playlist this week, so only a video today.

“Release” – Pearl Jam
I couldn’t settle on something to watch last Saturday so started scrolling through YouTube and came across Pearl Jam’s 2018 performance at Lallapalooza in Brazil. Two and a half hours later I had watched the entire thing and knocked out a couple bourbons and started digging for rarer performances. Eventually I found this, from a month before the band appeared on *Saturday Night Live* for the first time and truly began to blow up.

Although Eddie Vedder’s voice has lost some of its range, the band still sounds amazing live, and have firmly cemented their status as one of the best live acts ever. But when you watch a performance like this, you’re reminded of what a freaking force young Eddie was on the mic. Back then the band was still a little loose but there was never any doubting Ed’s voice.