“Child’s Romance” – Nap Eyes
This song sounds soooooo Australian. Yet this band is from Nova Scotia. Even if they aren’t from my favorite musical continent, I still really dig this song. All kinds of good bits in it.

“Mustang” – Strange
Not sure there’s anyone in music right now like Bartees Strange. He combines a variety of disparate influences into a unique sound. He’s also a pretty interesting cat. The critics love him, so I hope his upcoming debut EP gets as much attention as it deserves.

“Singing” – Sun June
What an absolutely gorgeous song. This sounds like the end of summer to me.

“The Rising” – Bruce Spingsteen
Bruce has a new song out this week but this one seemed more appropriate for today. Nineteen years pass quickly.

“My City of Ruins” – Eddie Vedder covering Bruce Springsteen
If we’re playing songs off The Rising, might as well share this one too. Come on, rise up.