“You Held My Heart” – The Flatmates
“1-2-3-4!” is a great way to start off any weekend.

“Music Makes Me High” – The Avalanches
This could easily be my theme song.

“Moment in the Sun” – Sunflower Bean
The days are getting shorter. Daylight Saving Time ends in two weeks. Our moment in the sun is almost over.

“Bailey” – Suzie True
Another piece of fun garage pop to book-end the newer music on the list.

“Train From Kansas City” – Neko Case
I was listening to some Neko music this week, since so many of her songs are perfect for fall, and came across this, from her live album The Tigers Have Spoken. It’s an old Shangri-Las song, and I had never heard the original nor Neko’s cover. For obvious reasons, I enjoyed it.

“FDT” – YG, Nipsey Hustle
I voted yesterday. You know how I feel.