“You Don’t Own Me” – Pale Waves
This song reminded me of something I’ve heard before…

“You’re Not the One” – Sky Ferreira
…perhaps this. They aren’t exact matches but have some serious shared DNA. I wonder if Sky Ferreira will ever put out another album.

“Show Me Love” – Robin S
“Show Me Love” – Robyn
Unlike the previous two tracks, these songs sound nothing alike. But with the same title and like-named artists, they’ve always been joined at the hip in my head. Robin S’ track came out two years before Robyn’s, but it is Robyn who has stuck around a lot longer.

“80’s Movie” – Pilar Victoria
I had to include this based on the title alone.

“Modern Village” – IDLES
Now for something COMPLETELY different. I spun the IDLES’ Ultra Mono album once when it came out last year and nothing connected. I gave this song another shot last week and it was just the jolt I needed. That guitar solo gets me all jittery. In a good way. “I BEG YOUR PARDON!”

“Little House of Savages” – The Walkmen
From one ass-kicker to another. This is from a wonderful moment in my musical history when I was discovering a whole new swath of music thanks to the arrival of music blogs. The Walkmen, The Hold Steady, Death Cab for Cutie, and Arcade Fire are all bands I was listening to a lot in late ’04/early ’05 because of blogs. This song is a semi-classic that blows me away every time I hear it.