After a week away, and a week before with no playlist before that, it might take a few extra large playlists to dig through the pile of new(ish) music I have. You, my loyal readers/listeners benefit! So let’s get after it.

“A Rat Without a Tail” – Daniel Romano
A pretty dope song that recalls numerous influences, most notably scuzzy 1970s rock.

“Not Dead Yet” – Lord Huron
It’s been over three years since we’ve heard new music from Lord Huron. Thrilled that they have begun to trickle out new tracks from an unnamed/unannounced new release. Also thrilled that this fits in more with their core sound rather instead of them chasing the success they had with the majestic, but boring to me, ballad “The Night We Met.”

“Don’t Challenge Me” – Makers
I swear I’m losing it. I was 100% sure I had shared this a few weeks back but don’t see it in any previous lists. This is an amazing song I just discovered. It has a retro quality to it, for sure. I would have guessed this was from somewhere in the mid-90s, but looking to create a throwback vibe. So it blew my mind that this is from 1972!

“Like Butterflies” – Union of Knives
My love of Scottish music is well documented. This is not your grandfather’s Scottish music!

“April Skies” – The Jesus and Mary Chain
Speaking of Scottish music, these cats were one of the biggest bands to ever come out of the country. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard this one, and now is the perfect moment to share it.

“Reprogram” – The Pack A.D.
One more track from these Canadian scorchers before their songs begin falling out of my current favorites playlist.

“Some People Stay In Our Hearts Forever” – Middle Kids
The new MK album dropped the Friday before we left for spring break. I listened to it once before we left, once while we were away, and then Sunday when I was doing laundry. It’s an odd album, partially because it is filled with mid-tempo ballads and struggles to create any sense of momentum. Fortunately the back half of the album has a few tracks that pick up the pace and sound more like what I expect from a Middle Kids album. This is one of my favorites.

“Waterfall” – Wendy & Lisa
The Number Ones is about to wrap up 1987. A couple weeks back someone posted this video in the comments, I forget to what song, as a forgotten track of ’87. At first I had no memory of it. But when I heard the chorus, it triggered something in me. Not strong memories, but memories nonetheless. I’m not sure why I don’t remember it better because it is a completely delightful jam. There is no logical reason why it wasn’t a bigger hit (It peaked at #57). Maybe people were afraid of pissing off Prince since Wendy & Lisa were officialy split from him and the song didn’t get a record company or MTV push because of that.