“Throw Me Around” – The Blips
While not your standard supergroup, I think The Blips officially qualify. Made up of members from various bands in the Birmingham, AL scene, they may not be known entities, but they are still coming from different backgrounds to make something new. One reviewer described this as “Tom Petty takes on pop-punk.” That seems pretty solid to me.

“Strawberry” – Doss
I don’t know that I’ve listened to Doss before, but I like this first experience with her music. I saw her sound compared to that of Hatchie. I don’t hear that at all. This sounds more like traditional early ’00s EDM, or what a few friends and I often called Electro-funk.

The all CAPS title fits this song perfectly.

“Please” – Jessie Ware
I try and try, but I can’t always get into Ware’s music. Which seems a shame because the critics love her. Here she’s shifted away from the straighter R&B stuff she’s done recently back toward the more traditional dance music she made to begin her career. This one hits, and hits hard.

“Sexy M.F.” – Prince
Happy Mother’s Day to all the sexy MF’s out there!

“Debonair” – The Afghan Whigs
It’s been far too long since I’ve listened to this track, one of the absolute best songs of the 1990s. Hell, the Whigs’ Gentlemen is one of the best albums of the decade. I need to go spin it right now.