The new music has been, thankfully, piling up again. So let’s go deep this week with an extra-packed playlist.

“House Burn Down” – King Princess
Being pessimistic about your life shouldn’t sound this good.

“Lockdown” – The Wind Ups
Maybe it’s just me, but I hear a lot of the Ramones in this track.

“Why Don’t You Touch Me” – Leon Bridges
Another A+ track from Mr. Bridges. His new album comes out in two weeks.

“Across That Fine Line” – Nation of Language
NoL was listening to a lot of Krautrock and Krautrock-influenced music when they recorded their latest album. You can sure hear that in this track.

“How Can I Make It OK?” – Wolf Alice
The new WA album got a lot of hype and good reviews. But this was the only song that really hit with me.

“Available” – The National
I didn’t get into The National until their 2005 album Alligator, and I’ve never felt a desire to dig into their older albums. They recently released a remastered edition of the 2003 album Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers. Most of that album fits that title, with slower, more traditionally “The National” songs. But this one rocks and was a big surprise to me.

“Goodtimes” – Flyying Colours
Who doesn’t just want to have a good time?

“Summer Song” – Joe Satriani
Man, Satriani has a hell of a Wikipedia page. He taught Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett, among others. He’s worked with Crowded House, Mick Jagger, Deep Purple, Spinal Tap, Alice Cooper, and Greg Kihn. His music has appeared in movies and TV shows. Still, odds are this is the only Satriani song you know.