I realized yesterday that this has been, and should continue to be, a pretty boring summer.

Sure, we’ve had a few gatherings to take advantage of the pool and the new pool house. We’re trying to schedule a few more but as kids get older, it gets harder and harder to pin a group of families down to a single night when they are all available to join us.

C’s summer school meant no traveling in June, and limited what we were able to do on those days close to home.

We do have a trip on the calendar – actually three different trips, but two are just for S and I – but those will all be later this year and can’t be labeled as Summer Vacations.

The girls and I were hoping to go camping with our old neighbors, but we’ve had a very hard time finding any camp grounds with available spots.

The weather hasn’t been great. We’ve had a couple brief hot spells, and plenty of dry days. But it sure seems like it has been cloudy, cool, with periodic rain more days than not.

This nasty cold, or whatever it is, that I couldn’t kick for over a month eventually caught up with L and M, and C is now in the midst of her battle with it. I should have bought a family antibiotic plan back in May to save some trips to Walgreen’s.

Throw all of that together and the girls and I have all fallen into a weird rhythm where we don’t do a whole hell of a lot. If the sun is out, the pool is open. C sleeps until noon so we can’t run out and do anything before either the heat or afternoon showers kick in. We go to Target twice a week, since someone always needs something. M leaves to hang out with friends a couple afternoons/evenings a week. C and her closest friend get together at least once per week. L plays basketball one or two nights a week, depending on if her classmates are going and how her knees feel.

There’s nothing wrong with having a boring summer. Especially since, unlike a lot of people, we’ve been to Florida twice in the past year. It’s nice to have the calendar be wide open and not constantly be thinking about/preparing for the next big event.

Summer is passing by quickly, though. The girls just hit the one-month mark before they will return to school. It doesn’t feel like there are any big options open for us, but I need to put on my Good Dad hat and find us some small things that can break up the weeks and help to make some good memories for the summer of ’21.