A few links to kick off your weekend.

‘Wrong team won both days’: Flashback to epic finale of KU-Mizzou basketball in 2012
Kansas and Missouri renew their basketball rivalry in Lawrence tomorrow. This is a good summary of how they ended their time as conference rivals almost ten years ago.

For the record: Thomas Robinson’s block was 100% clean. Now the foul that put Tyshawn Taylor at the line to hit the winning free throws? Even I can admit that was pretty soft.

The 50 Best Movie Soundtracks of the Past 50 Years
Hmmm. I have some issues with this. Where is Footloose, for example? Or New Jack City? Frozen? That’s just off the top of my head.

This list does bring up an issue that goes along with rating soundtracks. How do you compare Purple Rain, an album filled with original songs all written specifically for a movie, with the soundtracks for movies like Pulp Fiction or Dazed and Confused that take a bunch of known songs and throw them together to either create or reinforce a specific vibe? They seem like two completely different types of albums to me.

I guess that’s the fun of making music rankings: you can argue about all kind of administrative details before you even get to arguing about the actual music.

The 50 Greatest Minivan Rock Songs
Speaking of music lists, this one is well over a year old, but I just found it while reading another article this morning. I’ve never heard of the concept of “Minivan Rock.” Kind of a weird combination of music. As I read the list, though, it brought back a lot of memories from an era when I still listened to a ton of music, but perhaps not as obsessively as I had done earlier in the ‘90s.

Sports parents are horrible and referees are finally doing something about it — quitting
I sent this to my friend who is the athletic director at St P’s and suggested she send it out to every parent who has a kid playing CYO sports. Stop ruining the games for your kids!

Here’s Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult to Understand (And Three Ways to Fix It)
And I thought it was just because I was getting older…

How This All Happened
A brief history of the US economy since World War II. I found this idea fascinating, and it can apply to so many things plaguing our society today:

Expectations always move slower than facts.

Finally, a very important link for the season.