An extra-stuffed playlist this week, heavy on tracks from albums I have previously shared songs from. Also, a heads up that there may be no playlist next week. I will be traveling for a couple days and may leave the playlist machine at home. Then again, maybe I’ll whip something together before we depart. It will be a surprise for us all!

“Now And Then” – The Beatles
Let’s get the biggest song in the world (for the moment) out of the way first. Surely you know the story behind this. It is…fine. A bit melancholy and cold, to me it sounds more like something that would have been on a Lennon solo album than made by the Beatles. It’s hard to make a true comparison since the vocals are over 50 years old, but I would much rather listen to one of the new Rolling Stones songs than this.

“Guard Stick” – Golden Apples
I didn’t know anything about this band until a few weeks ago. Their full album came out last Friday and it’s been on high rotation – whatever that is these days – ever since. If you like this track, you’ll enjoy the entire disk.

“CANDU” – The Rural Alberta Advantage
Speaking of good albums, TRAA’s latest blew me away. I’ve been listening to it a ton over the past few weeks. Maybe the perfect fall album.

“I Can’t Keep My Eyes Open” – Cory Hanson
Another scorcher from Hanson, this one with a much better title than the last of his tracks I shared.

“ARE YOU GONNA RUN?” – Low Cut Connie
This sounds like Adam Duritz singing a Springsteen song.

“Lucifer’s Glory” – The Natvral
The previous song I shared from their album was a Country or Not entry. This one is more of a classic rock banger.

“Spider Bites” – The Gaslight Anthem
The fourth song I’ve shared from TGA’s comeback album History Books, which got its full release last week. It slows down a bit on the back half, but on balance it is one of the best return to form albums in recent memory. Props to those guys for getting back together and rediscovering what made them great.

“Hourglass” – CIVIC
I’ve never ridden a motorcycle in my life, but this song makes me want to borrow my brother-in-law’s Harley and take a spin around the block.

“103” – The Kills
It has been over seven years since The Kills put out a proper album. They broke that slump last week. I haven’t listened to the entire album but dig this lead single.

“Paralyzed” – Honduras
The Spotify machine spit this out twice in the past week. It is from 2015, or thereabouts. Not sure I had heard it anytime in the last five years. Good track. Kids, stay away from heroin.