Sixteen Candles 16 years later? No thanks, especially if you make it for TV rather than the big screens and lose the PG-13/R rating option. Let’s count the ways this is bad:
No politically incorrect references to Orientals, a Chinaman named after a duck’s dork, retarded kids wearing red sweaters and tan trousers, alien breasts, public urination, shots of women nude in the shower, or oily-type beau-hunks. I bet you can’t even put Joan Cusack it the halo and make her try to use the drinking fountain these days. I doubt you’ll see Samantha get felt up by her grandmother, either.
On top of all that, you ruin the ending of the original movie. I don’t need to hear how Jake and Sam both suffered third degree burns when they kissed over her birthday cake and their shirts ignited. Or how Farmer Ted became an serial date-rapist based on his success that one weekend his freshman year.
This all sounds more like a bad SNL skit than a legitimate movie project.