Another great day of baseball. The Red Sox and Yankees continued their heavyweight battle in the late afternoon and early evening, each team taking and losing leads, trading punches like Ali and Frazier. A couple wind-blown balls by the Red Sox and one massive, George Brett-like homerun from Trot Nixon, and we’ve got game seven: Pedro Martinez vs. Roger Clemens. Exactly what everyone was hoping for. I didn’t think the Sox had a shot yesterday. Dare I think they can actually win this thing?

I should feel bad about the Cubs losing, especially after Fox showed shot after shot of old women crying after the game (there’s no crying in baseball!). Yet I don’t. I would imagine cardiac hospitals throughout the Chicago-land area are extra full today. Kerry Wood’s tying home run in the second inning had to have affected performance of pacemakers implanted in Cubs fans. I don’t care about the foul ball Tuesday. The Marlins were clearly the better team. They beat Mark Prior and Kerry Wood in back-to-back games. They deserve to be playing next week. Wait ‘till next year, Cubbies. (Biggest game in 58 years at Wrigley, and Billy Corgan is who you get for the Seventh Inning Stretch? No wonder the Cubs never win.)