I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that Jesse Palmer uses the word amazing far too often. “What an amazing view, huh?” “You look amazing!” “It’s been an amazing day, hasn’t it?” And that was just with one woman! I think he’s just been watching too much Queer Eye to get his Metrosexual cred in order.

Long time Friend of the Blog Dale S. came up with the genius idea of a Jesse Palmer drinking game. Simple rules: every time he uses the word amazing, take a drink. Like the Century Club, it seems far too simple to have any effect. In practice, though, after an hour, you’ll be nicely toasted. I’ll add one bonus rule: each time Jesse tells a woman he is falling in love with her, but also falling in love with someone else, you have to slam whatever is left in your can/mug/flask. Should make a show that reached new lows of insulting our intelligence last night a little more fun. Props to Dale!