In the blog template updates last week, I also changed the tracking software I use. I think the service I’m using now, eXTReMe Tracking, does a much more accurate job of tracking who visits on a daily basis as well as telling me exactly who visits. The true coup is the search engine tracking it includes, which is always fun. Here are some recent search engine queries that led people to my site:

Is Diana Degarmo Hispanic?
Single Armenian men in Nashville Tennessee
Prince song “Sweet Thing”
Diana Degarmo ethnicity (X3)
Murray + Barbecue + Ontario + “honey brown”
Michigan’s Ugliest Baby
Michigan’s Fab Five
Fat Ugly Red Sox Fans Pics
Giada De Laurentis

I think I see why young Miss Degarmo is so popular. People want to keep her coming back so they can figure out what her ethnic makeup is. I’ve always assumed she’s a white girl. Am I missing something?

Also, in a week, people have visited from the following countries:

United Kingdom
New Zealand
Unknown (My all time favorite country! I loved those guys in the 1984 Olympics.)