It was a dynamic morning here at the palatial, imitation estate of DDB. I had two very interesting phone calls. The second, which we’ll discuss first, came from the Apple Store here in Carmel. “The 20 GB iPod you requested arrived this morning. You can pick it up anytime today. Thank you for spending more money on Apple products.”
My shiny, sexy, little beast of a music player is sucking up music from my hard drive as I type.

The first call was far more life changing. I officially turned down the job my employer had offered me to replace the one they eliminated. In doing so, I informed them I will be leaving the company to focus on applying and hopefully being admitted to graduate school in the near future. It’s going to take some epic work on the GREs to make up for my sorry ass undergraduate efforts, meaning I’ll be hitting the books hard for the next few months. I find it highly ironic that after finally getting my act together and graduating, then having a pretty high level of success at a Fortune 500 company for almost seven years, and thinking the disaster that was my undergraduate transcript was buried in the dust bin of history, that now that I’ve decided there’s something I REALLY want to do, it could all come back to haunt me. Life is funny that way, isn’t it?
I’m optimistic that between a winning essay, good interviews, establishing a solid rapport with the administration, and as I said, acing the GREs, I’ll be a candidate for a master’s in Journalism sometime soon. My academic woes in the past will keep me from even thinking about applying to the nationally ranked program at IU-Bloomington. However, I’m hopeful I can gain entrance to their satellite program at IUPUI here in Indy. We shall see. This is either a brilliant move that will allow me to do something I was probably meant to do, or a huge disaster that will lead towards perpetual underemployment, divorce, and me living under an overpass somewhere. OK, that’s a little dramatic, I admit. I’ll keep you updated as the process unfolds. I’m certainly quite excited about the path life is leading me down.