I heard a rumor people are gathering in Kansas City tomorrow night to celebrate the life of one of the finest artists this nation has ever produced. I will not be making an appearance at this year’s Sinatra Party. I do hope all of you celebrate safely, though, and honor his memory in the proper way. I’ll find something nice to drink tomorrow night after I spend some quality time with the snowblower. Another rumor has it we’re going to get 6-10″ of snow tomorrow. Yikes.

A couple points to wrap the week up. It would be nice if Le Affaire du Petrino (I don’t know if that’s proper French) and the release of the Mitchell Report was an end to the bad news from the sports world for awhile. But there are always going to be selfish coaches that take the money and run, and while Petrino has set an especially awful standard for comparison, I’m sure he or Nick Saban or Larry Brown will be up to their old acts again soon enough.

As for the Mitchell Report, I watched a lot of the live coverage yesterday and was a little surprised by the tone. Basically the investigation was able to confirm, on an extremely limited basis, what we’ve all known for years. Since it was a toothless investigation, Mitchell couldn’t begin to measure the true scope of the problem. And despite those neutered powers, he and MLB have managed to piss off the players union which means our era of good feelings in the labor world may be over. I would feel better if Mitchell had pushed for MLB and the union to readdress PED testing immediately and not wait until the current agreement runs out in 2011. As it is, this is just a face-saving measure, and very late, by MLB that will probably backfire on them.

It is great that Roger Clemens got dragged into all of this, though. It’s just a shame he’ll never get the same treatment that Barry Bonds got over the past four years since his career is probably done. Not only a monumental jackass, but a cheating one.