A couple links related to parenthood.

First, a funny list by the father of a young daughter. I think about stuff like this all the time.

<a href=”http://a.wholelottanothing.org/2009/04/conversations-ill-someday-have-with-my-daughter-that-will-make-little-to-no-sense-to-her.html”>Conversations I’ll someday have with my daughter that will make little to no sense to her no matter how much I try to explain</a>

Second, I liked this post on ShysterBall about buying a son his first real baseball cap. It got me thinking about how I’ve not pushed my sports teams on my kids. Yet. They know about daddy’s Jayhawks, but they’re either told by their mother to give daddy some space when he’s watching KU, or the games take place well after they’re in bed. Both M. and C. have KU shirts, but they’re not in high rotation.

M. will ask me who I want to win when I’m watching a game, but that’s about as far as her interest goes. After reading the hat post, I wondered if the old gender double standard was coming into play. Would I be more active in pushing my teams on my kids if I had boys? Would I be pushing sports in general on them more than I’ve done with the girls so far? Probably, a little. But the girls have shown interest in Disney princesses and Barbies, and I’ve supported that habit,* so it’s not like I’m neglecting them.

(Admittedly reluctantly.)

By the way, if you like baseball, ShysterBall is a must read each day.

<a href=”http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/shysterball/article/carlo-and-the-caps/”>Carlo and the Caps</a>