I pretty much gave up on tonight’s game as soon as Fat Sid let the Indians recapture the lead in the third. As I was washing dishes, sweeping, getting laundry going, etc., I heard the Indians start to put the Royals away. Good decision.

I did hear an epically bad comment from Bob Davis, though. I’ve never been a very big Bob Davis fan, despite listening to him do KU games for 20+ years. So it’s not like I cut him any slack. But, as he and his partner (I still don’t know the other Royals radio guy’s name) were talking about the weather in Cleveland tonight, Bob said, “Would you look at that flag in right field!”

Apparently Bob has forgotten that he switched from TV to radio a couple years back.

Oh, and I’m a fan of bringing Brian Bannister up and starting him tomorrow rather than Horatio Ramirez. Kind of odd timing, but I like the idea of moving out the starter who has struggled the most. That might get Fat Sid’s attention and we can chalk up tonight to his historic poor record in Cleveland.