The preschool at our church is in a building separate from the main church built specifically to house the kids. The class for two year olds, however, is in the main church. So every Monday, when it’s C.’s turn to go to class, we drop off M., circle around to the church, and I walk her inside.

Yesterday we walked into the church and C. was her normal chipper self, jumping and cheering in anticipation of seeing her teachers and friends. Thank goodness she was distracted. We turned the corner to head to her room and parked in the sitting area next to the hallway was an open casket that was, err, occupied. I guess that’s what the hearse out front was for.

I hustled C. down the hall before she noticed and started asking questions. I was thankful she’s way too short to have been able to see inside. Then the questions would have been very interesting.

I’m assuming they don’t run into this problem at Kindercare.