My current favorite music writer, Steven Hyden, goes beyond the simple album review for the new Pearl Jam disk. Instead, he examines the band’s entire career, assesses what’s overrated, what’s underrated, and what’s been properly rated, and then does the final math.

Pearl Jam made some great records in the ’90s, some not-so-great records in the early ’00s, and some very solid records in the last several years. The band is always worth seeing live….Pearl Jam is not at its creative peak in 2013, but it is a dependable veteran that won’t ever embarrass itself. Overall, Pearl Jam is…

Overrated, Underrated, or Properly Rated: Pearl Jam
I have a long PJ post for later in the week, but this should get you warmed up. Oh, and after three, spins, there are three songs on the new album I really like, a couple I’m not terribly fond of, and the rest are all solid.