File this under “Greatest Internet Finds.” It’s spectacular.

In 1977, NBC gave Richard Pryor a prime time show. It last four episodes. Well, three and then an unaired final episode. That unaired episode is on YouTube. Find 45 minutes to watch it.

It’s not a standard sitcom or variety show episode. Rather, it is a full-on roast of Pryor by the writers and performers of the show. Tim Reid, who went on to play Venus Flytrap on WKRP In Cincinnati. Marsha Warfield, who played Roz on Night Court. Robin Freaking Williams. Sandra Bernhard. And Paul Mooney, who collaborated with Pryor for years, went on to his own stand up success, and more recently wrote and performed on Chappelle’s Show.

Oh, and then Pryor wipes them all out in the end.

This is extremely Not Safe For Work (clearly why it never aired). So watch with caution.

Via Kottke