“Refugee” – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
(Forgive me if I shared this one recently. I thought I had, but my running lists of Friday Vids does not show it. I occasionally miss writing one down, though.)

In general, I’m not a huge Petty fan. That said, I really enjoy his early work, let’s say ’77-82. And a ton of music I’ve been listening to this year1 is directly influenced by his sound. Because of that influence on current artists, his newest album, Hypnotic Eye, which came out Tuesday, is getting extra attention.

This is my favorite Petty track. I love the barely disguised disgust in the lyrics and the lead vocal. Just a terrific solo by Mike Campbell. And it comes from a hell of an album; I can listen to Damn The Torpedoes any day. Throw in this absolutely TREEEEE-MENDOUS video, and you’ve got yourself something special.

  1. Okkervil River and The War On Drugs being the most glaring examples.