“Favorite Songs by Artist X” lists are a dime a dozen when it comes to certain bands. They are click-baity and unnecessary, as they’ve been done and done and done again. Still, as a music fan I will almost always read them and listen to the songs they cover if it is a band I care about.

I think that is why it took Steven Hyden so long to get to the Beatles. After doing Springsteen, Petty, U2, and the White Stripes, he finally got to the Fab Five just before Christmas.

The great thing about a Beatles list is you can get through it so quickly. I started listening to this one evening and finished it early the next afternoon. Compare that to his Springsteen list, which took me several days to get through.

If you need a time waster in this week between, pull up this list and get to reading and listening.

The Best Beatles Songs, Ranked