A strange week for scheduling around our house. The girls began their fall break yesterday, so we had some social activities Tuesday night plus an impromptu sleepover for C and some of her friends. We did our annual “flu shots and lunch somewhere that has ice cream” outing yesterday. S and I will leave later today for a little jaunt away without kids; the girls will leave with an aunt and cousins tomorrow for a couple days in Cincinnati. If any of you are fall breaking, too, I wish you safe travels and good times.

“Really Great” – The Connells
I was never into The Connells very much. I had some friends who were but that never translated to me. The band was just ahead of the alt-rock revolution of the early ’90s. I bet they would have been much bigger if their mid-80’s albums came out 6-8 years later. They just released their first new album in 20 years, and this is a really good opener.

“Dreaming” – NIGHT FLIGHT
There is a lot of Smiths-era Johnny Marr in the guitar work on this track about the joys of London.

“Call My Name” – Smile featuring Robyn
When I saw Robyn was the vocalist for this song, I had a mental idea of what the song should sound like. This sounds nothing like that expectation. Which is not a bad thing, at all. I like its chill vibe. You don’t have to think too hard to hear some ABBA influence.

“Couldn’t Have Done the Killing” – Marissa Nadler
I have a collection of moody songs from female artists similar to this in my Friday Playlist Potentials playlist. Because, of course I do. The title of this one gives it a little spooky, Halloween vibe so it gets the nod this week.

“Nashville” – Old 97’s
The Mrs. and I are headed to Nashville in a few hours with some friends for an adult fall break. The lyrical content of this song doesn’t have much to do with what our plans include, but it has a nice sound and the title fits, so it makes the list.

“Tennessee” – Arrested Development
Where is Nashville? It’s in Tennessee, of course. It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve listened to this classic. 1992 has always been one of my favorite musical years and this, and songs like it, was a huge reason why. The music world seemed exciting and filled with endless possibilities as Nirvana and Pearl Jam were upsetting the status quo on the rock side of the world, and intelligent, positive artists like AD were emerging in hip hop. Whether all that promise worked out or not is for another discussion.