A light month thanks to reading The Stand and being out-of-town for a week.

Movies, Series, Shows

Halloween Baking Championship
I have two episodes left, so no final grade yet. Interesting that the baker that seemed to be clearly the best took herself out of the competition early by taking an unnecessary risk.


The Patient
I watched the first two episodes of this one night and then never got back to it. I’m not sure if I’ll go back or not.


Seinfeld, The Office
When I did watch TV last month and I wasn’t watching sports, I watched a ton of reruns of these shows. A’s all around, obviously.

Shorts, YouTubes, Etc

Cathedral Traverse
No big deal, just some dudes casually climbing some ridiculously steep and jagged rocks.

All Quiet on the Western Front | Official Teaser
I might watch this when it comes out.

Amazing surfing in Norway? Who knew? And who knew there are surfers who did tricks like skateboarders on top of gnarly waves? Clearly lots of people knew, just not me.

Is Apollo 11’s Lunar Module Still In Orbit Around The Moon 52 Years Later?
Pretty sure I’ve watched this before. Doesn’t make it any less cool.

SIX MINUTES OF WAR (One-Take WW2 Short Film)
Lord help me. Watch a couple World War II videos and soon they start taking over your feed.

The Making of Arrested Development was a Sh*t Show
A great, 20-minute look at all the things that kept Arrested Development from getting the due it deserved during its original run.

Best Unscripted Moments – The Office
My monthly Office video.

Bob Mould talks about Hoover Dam song
One night I fell into a Sugar/Bob Mould hole on Spotify. I looked at a few Mould-related pieces on YouTube and this was the only one I watched all the way through.

Pearl Jam Is Like a Great Sports Dynasty
The analogy here seems like a stretch to me, but I still watched it.

I Watched Top Gun: Maverick in 0.25x Speed and Here’s What I Found
A few interesting tidbits in here, but also a couple of factual errors and then several things that I’m not sure needed to be explained.

I went on TV and gave away presents made from junk wood
Beau Miles, taking his bullshit to the masses!

What Happened To ‘80s R&B Group Guy?
I will watch anything about Guy. I made the mistake of watching the Aaron Hall video referenced late in this. A total disaster that changed the way I look at him. I did laugh at one comment under the Hall interview that said it set Black people back 60 years.

Mt. Saint Helens from space! Before and after eruption – 1973 to 2019
I’m a sucker for stuff about Mt. Saint Helens.

WWII Rescue Buoys – Secret ‘Floating Hotels’ of the English Channel
These seem kind of crazy.