“How Far We’ve Come” – The Big Pink
This big, positive track is a good thing to listen to in the heart of the political season. There’s a lot going wrong in the world, and I tend to think we’re heading a very bad direction in so many different aspects of life. But in other ways, we’ve really come a long way. Silver linings and whatnot…

“The Politics of Dancing” – Re-Flex
I heard this on the way to school this morning and it also seemed appropriate. Everything else is political these days. Dancing might as well be, too.

“Where’s The One?” – Congotronics International
If dancing/music is going to be political, this is the kind of political music I want. People from various backgrounds coming together to make insanely great music. You can read a little more about this collective here.

“Flip It” – Bleached
One of the few surviving acts from that early 2010s Girl Garage Pop movement. I wish the Dum Dum Girls were still around, but this isn’t too bad of a placeholder.

“Bad Thing” – Miya Folick
One critic said this song sounds like something Angel Olsen would have done had she veered towards shimmery pop rather than the quasi-country/Dusty Springfield lane she carved out on her last album. I don’t know if Folick has Olsen’s pure vocal talent, but she’s pretty good and this song is terrific.

“I Can’t Live Without My Radio” – LL Cool J
I’m assuming Monday was our last-ever Halloween with trick or treating kids. L went as an 80s/90s rapper. On our way to her friend’s house, I played this track to help get her into character. She didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.

This “performance” is great. I guess it is easier to disguise lip-syncing with singers than rappers, and that explains the lack of closeups of LL? I always admired LL’s stage presence. It’s pretty much the same moves over-and-over, but his stalking of the stage and massive voice made the rather limited dancing feel right.