Quite the mixed bag this week. We’ll begin with a couple tracks that owe a huge debt to ’90s Brit Pop, hear a classic from that era, dive into some Aussie music, and then get even more eclectic.

“Savior” – Siracuse
I have a buddy who is super into all things Manchester. Man United. The whole music scene. But especially Oasis. The first time I heard this I sent it to him and said, “This is totally some Stephen K bullshit.” Stephen K confirmed my assessment immediately.

“Drifting” – SENSES
More Brit Pop overtones. This song has been around for over two years, but SENSES just got around to putting out a proper album that features it.

“Sulk” – Radiohead
Radiohead were never truly Brit Pop, although plenty of people tossed their first album, Pablo Honey, into that pile. It’s nearly 30 years old and The Bends is still an awesome, awesome album.

“Hook Echo” – Wireheads
Been digging this song a lot the past few weeks. They are from Adelaide, South Australia.

“All I See” – Girl and Girl
I have that sensitive ear for Aussie rock. It did not twitch on this track. I would have sworn they were Brits but turns out they are from Brisbane.

“I’ve Got the Secret” – Island of Love
Crunchy, southern rock from England? Figures Jack White would find a band that made that kind of music; these kids are on White’s Third Man UK label.

“Hungersite” – Goose
I’ve heard this band described as a jam band for people who don’t like jam bands. That’s a solid description, at least for this this song.

“Unwritten” – Natasha Bedingfield
I was digging around looking for a song to honor M’s graduation on Sunday. This popped up on two different lists. It’s obviously not directly about graduating, but does speak about a limitless future. Congrats to all my readers who have kids in the class of 2023 as well.

“Head Rolls Off” – Frightened Rabbit
I hope M and all her graduating pals make tiny changes to earth.