We’ve lost so much this year, but proving that there is some light in the world, Darlene Love is still with us. For years and years she appeared on David Letterman’s program to sing her signature song just before Christmas. I did not know she moved that over to The View after The Late Show ended. Even Covid couldn’t keep Ms. Love from sharing a little Christmas cheer with the world.

That reminded me of this article I’ve kept tucked away for several years.

» Christmas, Baby Please Come Home:

Clearly written in a different time, I was struck by this closing paragraph. Or at least the part of it that suggests that even if this holiday season is forcing us to be more isolated than in the past, her song still speaks to the moment.

And if you’re not — if you’re stuck indoors, or you’re not going anywhere in particular, or you’re just going to grab some Chinese food and see The Hobbit on Thursday, don’t worry. This song is perfect for that, too.

Merry Christmas, everyone!