“When They Come For Me” – Spielbergs
When this dropped a couple weeks back, one of my Brothers in Music sent me a message that said, “Shit is hot.” My response: “Shit is indeed hot.” Still laugh about when we coached soccer together and wanted our team to take the field to Spielbergs’ “We Are All Going To Die.” That would have been dope, if overkill for a bunch of third and fourth graders. That was a good-ass team, though. Still can’t believe L put that breakaway off the post and we lost 1-0 in the semifinals.

“Lydia Wears A Cross” – Julia Jacklin
One of the many Australian artists that get an automatic include any time she releases new music.

“Happy” – bdrmm
Taking the ridiculousness of modern band naming to the next level, here. Not only removing all vowels, but adding a bonus consonant. It’s a good thing this song cooks, otherwise I might reject if based on their name along.

“Feel Another Day” – Night Moves
Maybe it’s just because they named themselves after a Bob Seger song, but this sound like a jam you play while driving slowly, just after sunset on a summer evening.

“Come To The City” – The War On Drugs
Speaking of Bob Seger…it’s kind of snuck up on me but I’m seeing TWOD next week! I bought the tickets so long ago I haven’t been focused on it at all. I’ve been checking set lists and saw they have been slipping Seger’s “Against the Wind” into their shows some nights. And this song appears to be in it most nights. I’m very interested to hear it live. It is one of the very best songs they’ve ever made – Stereogum ranked it as the second-best TWOD song a few years back – but since it is from Slave Ambient, is is very much a studio production and I’m not sure its full effect can be recreated on stage. That won’t stop me from absolutely blasting it around the house the next few days. It might not be my favorite TWOD song, but it is definitely the one I play the loudest.

“Sleep All Summer” – Crooked Fingers
At least one of my girls has adopted this tactic for week one of her summer break.

“Debonair” – The Afghan Whigs
“Songs That Can Not Be Played Too Loudly For $400, Ken.”