I’ve pretty casually mentioned a couple times that our family had a trip to Italy planned. The time for that trip has arrived.

Tomorrow morning we will drive up to Chicago, hop on a flight to Paris, and hopefully end up in Rome by early afternoon Sunday. Over the next seven days we will be exploring Rome, Florence, and Venice. We have lots of cool stuff planned that I will, of course, tell you all about it after our return.

When we booked the trip back in July, it felt like we had ages before we would leave. It’s hard to believe our departure is almost here. It’s a touch overwhelming.

We are all very excited. S has been to Europe/Italy before, but that was nearly 30 years ago. I’m guessing some things have changed. This will be my first time crossing the Atlantic.

I have a couple posts queued up for next week, so check back if you have time for two new Reaching for the Stars entries.

I’ll wrap up this week with a few songs about or inspired by Italy. I couldn’t find a good song about Florence. Don’t know if that means they don’t exist or I just couldn’t find them.

Arrivederci e Buon Ringraziamento!