Following up on yesterday’s posts, here are a couple articles related to Top Gun.

First, Michael Baumann dives into the details and comes up with his best guess for what county is the target of the movie’s main mission. This is important journalism here.

But like Maverick, Rooster, Hangman, and their buddies, I was given a mission. My editors came to me, the idiot who six months ago wrote a long column about how Russia was no longer the technothriller enemy it used to be, confident that I could identify the anonymous villain in Top Gun: Maverick. Specifically, that I could do so before government agents showed up to whisk me away to parts unknown for undermining the foreign relations of the United States.

What Is the Enemy Country in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’? An Investigation

Second, here is the 1983 California magazine article that was the inspiration for the original movie. This is legitimately good journalism.

Top Guns