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Better Call Saul, season six
I wrote about this here.

A for the season, A+ for the series.

The Queen’s Gambit
It took me awhile, but I finally got to this. Not sure if it was better or worse to watch it well after its initial buzz had faded. While I enjoyed the story, I felt it had some big holes and ended a little too cutesy. But Anya Taylor-Joy was dazzling and delightful in the lead role. I could watch her in about anything.


Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Of the food/travel shows I’ve sampled, this comes the closest to Anthony Bourdain’s oeuvre. But it still falls short. David Chang, who was a close friend of Bourdain’s, doesn’t appear to have the same touch with people, or at least it doesn’t come across on video. There are moments in each episode where I wondered if there was any true chemistry between him and his guests. But that often seemed to be a result of decisions the producers made more than their interactions.


The Gray Man
The near non-stop action was nice. The story seemed like a bunch of bits picked up from other movies. I’m always happy to watch Ana de Armas. Chris Evans was a great villain. But Ryan Gosling brought zero charisma to the lead role.


Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist
Oh man, the Manti Te’o story gets the two-hour, documentary treatment! And it’s even crazier than I remembered. Although clearly set up as a Te’o rehab piece – it focuses a little too much on his desire to help others and forgive those who wronged him – it is still an absolutely enthralling watch.


Pearl Jam – 2022–05–12, Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA
I don’t want to speak ill of a member of my favorite band, but I’ve never been a huge Matt Cameron fan. He is a great drummer, technically precise as any drummer of his generation. But he is so locked in that he can come across as boring. While he may be a great match for the band in terms of personality – he is the longest tenured drummer in the band’s history – I think the band also lost some of their edge when he joined them. When he was laid out with Covid last spring, the band pulled in some friends to fill Cameron’s seat so their shows could go on. This was one of those shows. This is a great performance, fueled, I think, by the presence of drummers who are a little less precise yet more wild than Cameron. There is a terrific energy that harkens to the band’s earlier days.


Shorts, Etc

Bad River
This month’s Beau Miles joint. I think this may be the most impactful of his videos that I’ve watched. The moment when he arrives at the point where hundreds (thousands?) of plastic bottles, balls, and general trash are blocking the river really struck me. Mostly because I know there are dozens of locations just like that in every major urban area. Pick your shit up and recycle it, fools.

Eddie Vedder in Conversation with Bruce Springsteen
What a fun chat. Eddie is so interesting to listen to, especially in settings like this when he is relaxed and comfortable.

Adventures of A+K
Alaska looks pretty dope.

Return to Vietnam, 45 Years Later
An American Special Forces officer back in Vietnam for the first time since his tours during the war. Some powerful moments for sure. I enjoyed his perspective, especially at the end when he encounters the local family at the Hanoi Hilton about no matter what our history is, we are all sharing the same planet.

DJI Mavic 3 – Flying Over Mount Everest
While basically a commercial, this footage is stunning.